Fishing Report for May 14


This weekend was great! Friday night I went and saw Florida Georgia Line and it was a great time, I really enjoyed going to my first country concert haha!! Thanks babe for getting the tickets! We stayed out late and I got home at 1 and had a charter to get up for at 345! Mission accomplished! We crushed it and I learned alot from my retired airforce boys. As I listened to the old war stories and places they had been around the world I couldnt help but be amazed and thankful for our military. Thank you. Awesome time with great people. Todays trip started rough because I had to take a different route to the beach came around a sharp turn with a low bridge and clipped off four AJ rods..1200$ down..none the less still had a trip to crush, the area we were at was rough as hell choppy 3 ft with occassional 5 and still hit a limit!

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