Fishing Report from May 13


So we got a big weekend ahead because I am goin to Florida Georgia Line tonight at the wharf and then I have a trip Saturday and a double Sunday. Yesterdays trip was fun by all means. We started out searching for AJs but the tax man got us every time. Hannah landed a 6ft blacktip on 20lb flouro no wire with a hand sized pinfish haha! Hour long fight check! When we finished that we went back to our AJs and still no cooperating and the baits we were freelining gave us a hard time too bc one swam into the prop while the motor was off and I had to jump in shark infested water to cut it out! Eeeekkkk! Luckily Im good haha! After 2 short jacks we decided to go stack the box for the last hour and we caught triggers and lots of snapper but the snapper were sent back until hopefully tomorrow. On the way in we spotted a floating tennis ball through a bait at it and caught the trippletail! Another good one for the box, then while we were on the way back i hear the motor make a crazy pop sound and I think oh god seasons over..look back and see a tarp floating behind us…pull the motor up and again its tangled up this time with someones FAD (fish attractant device). Lookin like a crazy ass i put the knife in my teeth grab the stern rope and dive in…again shark infested area…cut out the tarp in 10 minutes, throw zac brown knee deep on and call it a day as we finally make it back. Great trip over all and my clients got some good eats!

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