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    Fishing Report for May 14


    This weekend was great! Friday night I went and saw Florida Georgia Line and it was a great time, I really enjoyed going to my first country concert haha!! Thanks babe for getting the tickets! We stayed out late and I got home at 1 and had a charter to get up for at 345! Mission accomplished! We crushed it …

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    Fishing Report from May 13


    So we got a big weekend ahead because I am goin to Florida Georgia Line tonight at the wharf and then I have a trip Saturday and a double Sunday. Yesterdays trip was fun by all means. We started out searching for AJs but the tax man got us every time. Hannah landed a 6ft blacktip on 20lb flouro no …

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    Huge schools of Redfish going crazy in Pensacola Bay. 12/9/2015

    Inshore Redfish continue to be a good option for anglers looking for some fun in Pensacola Bay, but a couple of days this week they were tough to find. Boats and birds will usually lead you to the area where the fish are schooled up. A fair amount of specks have showed up in the local canals and bayous. As …

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    White trout offer solid bite for inshore anglers. 12/2/2015

    Inshore It’s been another great week of fishing for bull redfish in Pensacola Bay. Even with the pile of boats on the water last weekend just about everyone was able to get in on the action. The white trout fishing around the Pensacola Bay Bridge has been spectacular. Fish are being caught night or day using both cut bait and …

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    Amberjack closes in federal, but open in state. 11/24/2015

    Inshore Bull redfish should definitely be your primary target if you’re looking for action in Pensacola Bay. Most anglers have had no trouble finding them and there should be a bunch of boats out fishing this week, which helps with the search. With the cold weather finally setting in it may be worth looking for some speckled in the canals, …

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    A few flounder showing up on the shorelines. 11/18/2015

    Inshore Bull redfish are an easy target for inshore anglers looking for action. Big schools of them are being found throughout Pensacola Bay and once you have them located they will eat just about anything. A few flounder are being gigged, but from the reports I’ve heard it hasn’t been that great. There’s a good chance that we see a …

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    Big schools of bull reds have arrived in local waters. 11/11/2015

    Inshore Huge schools of bull redfish have shown up in Pensacola Bay so don’t wait another minute to get out there and get in on the action. Just ride around the bay and look for birds and fish busting on the surface. I haven’t heard any reports in the last few days, but I would bet that there still are …

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    King mack biting good at Pensacola Bay Bridge. 11/4/2015

    Inshore Several anglers have found big schools of bull redfish feeding on the surface in Pensacola Bay over the last few days. As usual this time of year they can be found just about anywhere, but I would definitely take a minute to look around the points off Gulf Breeze. The king mackerel bite in Pensacola Bay has finally turned …

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    Final weekend to fish for red snapper. 10/28/2015


    Inshore There hasn’t been much fishing happening this week with the heavy winds and a couple of days of rain earlier in the week. Apparently some red tide has shown up in our area, but we don’t know the severity yet so I won’t speculate its effect on the fishing. King mackerel fishing continues to be a good option for …

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